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Andaman and Nicobar

Andaman and Nicobar  are a large group of nearly 600 islands in the Bay of Bengal. Though they are a part of India politically, they are closer to Myanmar and Thailand than to the Indian mainland. They are grouped here with Southern India.
Places to visit 

Port Blair:
 The laid-back capital of the Andamans and the sole entry/exit point. Spend a day or two here walking around and enjoying fresh seafood and seeing a couple of the nearby sites.
Havelock island: The most visited of the islands, with the most (although still minimal) infrastructure. Beautiful beaches, great snorkeling and scuba diving.
Rutland Island: is pristine, non-polluted and least visited island. Beautiful Mangrove forest and coral reefs welcomes you to the 274 island. There is also a 45 acre Totani Resort which has quaint little huts which can be used as a base camp for exploring the island. It is the ideal place for eco-tourists.
Neil Island, quieter than Havelock with nice beaches and decent snorkeling.
Wandoor, a relaxed destination in it's own right, but known more as the gateway to the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park.There is a newly setup luxury resort called Sea Princess Beach Resort. Easily reached, and near the Wandoor jetty is Anugama Resort, the newest property there.
Baratang Island: Mud volcano, Limestone caves, and Mangrove creeks in back waters.
Barren Island: an island with the only volcano in all of India.
Jolly Buoy Island a small island, is a part of the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park. It is undoubtedly the best place for snorkeling with its extremely clear waters and a rich and diverse marine life. It has a small beach with thatched huts and the location is quiet scenic. To reach here, one has to first go to Wandoor and then take a jetty from there.
Enjoy: Scuba diving , Snorkeling , Surfing , volcanic diving, scuba diving and sea cow spotting.
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